Association for Cultural and Socio-Economic European Collaboration


The Association for Cultural and Socio-Economic European Collaboration is mainly concerned with the following activities:

  • Initiates, implements and supports joint projects co-financed by the European Social Fund and the national budget, assistance in the implementation of programs in the field of socio-economic policy, education and ecology
  • Supporting the social integration of young people, people with special educational needs, minority groups and the personal realization of disadvantaged people, combating discrimination
  • Supporting and encouraging the entrepreneurship of citizens, and stimulating social entrepreneurship in a market economy
  • Supporting the process of creating new jobs and developing human resources



Improving the accessibility, quality and efficiency of education, in line with the needs of the labor market to build a knowledge-based economy.



Increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises, encouraging the creation of new jobs and developing a labor market that promotes inclusion.



Integration of the Bulgarian educational, scientific and cultural resources in the world information space.



Development and support of initiatives creating conditions for development of alternative tourism, cultural tourism, rural tourism.


The basic subjects of the electronic journal are dedicated to authors’ research and development concerning theoretical and applied questions of economy development, national, regional and local social, economic, ecological, and information systems, their integration into the world economy, setting up business environment and new forms of enterprise, introduction of economic innovations, as well as other fields and topics related to social sciences such as computer and information security, which in their entirety provide theoretical, practical, theoretical-practical knowledge, methodological perspectives of those fields and topics of scientific knowledge, as well as impact and social applications of science and technology.